Buy, Sell, Trade-In & Repair Cell Phones, Tablets, & Laptops

Tech Hospital's first store was opened in the well-known city of St Augustine, Florida in April, 2013 and focused solely on repairing Apple and Android phones for the local community. Since then Tech Hospital product portfolio has expanded to our new location in Ponte Vedra, FL and includes repairs of all makes and models of phones, tablets, smart watches, computers, gaming devices, drones and other electronic devices. If it has a power button we've probably repaired it ????

Our Master Technicians perform all repairs in-house, saving you time and money while providing exceptional customer service and care. We are a Level 1 insurance-certified repair and diagnostic service center with the ability to repair everything from cracked screens and broken charge ports to the much more complicated, board-level micro problems beyond what standard phone repair shops are able to handle.

We also carry a wide range of pre-loved (refurbished) certified devices including phones, tablets, smart watches, computers and more. We carry all leading brands from Apple to ZTE and everything in between. We also offer extended warranty and multiple finance solutions for all refurbished devices.


Tech Hospital is proud of its African heritage. Africa is a mysterious continent that still guards many secrets and mysteries, but above all its known for its caring people. One of the cornerstones of African community is the “Spirit of Ubuntu”, an African philosophy that means “Your problem is my problem and your success is my success”. The profound sense that we are human through the humanity of others, that if we are to accomplish anything in this world it will in equal measure be due to the work and achievement of others.

Nelson Mandela explained Ubuntu like this: When a traveler passes through an African country and stops at a village he doesn't have to ask for food or water. Once he stops, the people of that village will give him food & water and attend to his every need.

This is the philosophy that has been at the core of Tech Hospital's existence and success. Most companies claim to have great service and care for their customers, but that is mostly just part of their sales pitch. For Tech Hospital it's an integral part of our DNA. Our business is not only built on this philosophy, it guides and dictates our everyday behavior. Whatever we do for our clients must live up to the spirit of UBUNTU.

Sell with Integrity

Integrity is about doing the right thing, especially when no one is watching! Every time we interact with a guest, we endeavor to create an exceptional experience and drive guest loyalty. Most of our growth over the past has been from referrals, which is a testament to the value we place on the relationships we cultivate with our guests.


Don’t want to fix your phone, tablet, watch or computer? Just want the latest tech? Tech Hospital sells a wide range of pre-loved (refurbished) certified devices including phones, tablets, smart watches, computers and more. We carry all leading brands from Apple to ZTE and everything in between. All pre-loved tech comes with our industry-leading 90 day warranty as well as extended warranty options.

Don't want to pay upfront for your technology? No problem! We offer leading finance solutions on all our equipment with instant in-store approval.

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Walk in with your old phone, tablet, smart watch or computer and walk out with hard cash! Or use the cash towards a trade-in of your choice!

Why Sell Your Device to Tech Hospital?


If your iPhone, iPad, cell phone, tablet, smart watch or computer is outdated, trade up. If your device is too complicated, trade down. With Tech Hospital’s trade program, the choice is yours.

Tech Hospital has many options to get you going again. Just because you signed a service contract with your cell phone carrier doesn’t mean you have to keep a phone that you’re no longer happy with. Let us give you trade-in dollars for your old or damaged phone and help you find one that you’ll love.

At Tech Hospital you have options – Buy, Sell, Trade or Repair!

Best Prices

Instant Payment

Simple and Convenient

Factory Grade Data Wipe


Having reliable technology is critical for everyone, and when our technology breaks or malfunctions, this is sometimes as painful as a broken toe! Tech Hospital repairs almost all electronic devices, from a cracked phone screen to a water-damaged tablet or laptop. Over the past 8 years we've seen it all ???? and we understand how traumatic it is when your technology fails! We have the very latest in tools and parts and we possess the experience to get the job done right- first time, often while you wait! Our goal is to have every guest leave happier than when they walk in!

When you come in for a repair, we always start with a diagnostic assessment, so we can give you the best recommendation for your device. Whether it's a broken screen, swollen battery, or you dumped your entire bottle of Kombucha onto your laptop, we got your back.